Resolve your wedding planning worries
in one hour
with Helen Davies

Planning a wedding should be fun, but unless (like Helen) you have already planned hundreds of weddings and are able to anticipate hurdles long before they happen, planning your own wedding can be overwhelming. Perhaps you have lots of ideas but are struggling to get your wedding plans started because you are busy and do not have time to give it much thought? You might be worried about finding the perfect venue, Photographer, Florist, Caterer or entertainment. These can all prove to be costly mistakes if you get any of them wrong! Perhaps you need some advice about etiquette or a styling dilemma is keeping you awake at night? You might be worried about the timings of the day or the extent to which your guests are going to enjoy themselves? No matter what your concerns, just one hour with Helen Davies could be all the help you need.

This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your wedding planning worries with an experienced, knowledgeable and extremely friendly wedding expert. You will be offered oodles of helpful advice enabling you to relax and simply look forward to the best day of your lives.

Besides access to Helen’s extensive directory of trustworthy and reliable wedding industry suppliers, a heap of priceless planning advice and oh-so valuable know-how, you will be introduced to the ‘Budget Allocator’. This helpful tool enables you to accurately apportion your budget to all of your absolute must-haves, thereby clearly identifying your priorities and tracking your spend.

You will also receive an extremely comprehensive, step by step guide to planning the perfect day which is filled with hints and tips, helping you to avoid some of the pitfalls you might otherwise encounter.

An hour with Helen Davies costs just £100 and is fully refundable against any other wedding planning service.  It is an extremely wise investment and makes the perfect gift for any newly engaged couple.

Entire Wedding Planning

From £3,000

Helen will hold your hand throughout the entire planning process, up to and including the day of the wedding itself. This is an extremely popular choice among couples who are very busy and don’t have time to deal with all of the details themselves.

As a result of your relationship with Helen, absolutely no opportunity will be overlooked to ensure that you identify all of those personal finishing touches which will make your wedding day truly unique. As an integral part of this service she will introduce you to all of the suppliers you need in order to ensure that every single aspect of your wedding is delivered in accordance with your expectations and to the highest standards.  She will be your single point of contact and will take care of all the e-mails, telephone calls and meetings which you do not necessarily have time to deal with whilst keeping in regular contact with you, providing progress updates and prompts, as opposed to you having to deal with multiple suppliers who may otherwise place unwelcome demands on your time.  Throughout the entire planning process, you will have unlimited access to Helen and will receive professional advice on all matters relating to your wedding.

Final stage preparation and on the day management


Helen will meet you at least four to six weeks before your event to discuss and walk through all of the details. She then makes contact with all of the suppliers involved, making sure they each know what to do and when and deals with any last minute questions.  Helen invests time and effort to engage with each individual supplier in order to create a cohesive team, to whom the matter of greatest importance on the day is that you experience precisely the feelings you want to have.  In readiness for the day, everyone involved receives a very detailed itinerary – signed off by yourselves – so they all know precisely where they need to be and when.  On the day, Helen will be there to make sure everything is exactly as you want it to be and will be the main point of contact for everyone involved, leaving you free to enjoy every single moment with the confidence that comes from knowing an experienced and professional Wedding and Events Co-ordinator – who knows exactly what you want – is taking care of everything.


Helen has worked in the Wedding Industry for over 10 years, capturing the hearts and minds of hundreds of clients by creating unforgettable weddings, private parties and events. Having worked very closely with so many, she is able to offer venue and hospitality clients a unique insight into what it takes to exceed expectations and create the ultimate customer journey.

Helen now offers insightful, clear and easily implementable advice and support to fledgling wedding venues seeking to find their perfect position in a competitive market. If you are the owner of a new venue, or are looking to purchase a suitable property which has the potential for development and wish to ensure that your offering meets the needs of your clients and achieves the best possible future commercial results for your business, contact Helen today.

During an initial meeting, Helen will seek to define your proposition as a result of exploring your current strengths and weaknesses and identify your unique selling points, thereby formulating the key messages which will underpin your marketing and communications strategy.

Besides helping you to identify your true target market and their key drivers, Helen will deliver invaluable advice enabling you to establish creative routes to reach your audience through an easily implementable marketing and communications plan, designed specifically for you and your business.  She will also review and critique your existing marketing material and facilitate introductions to relevant industry contacts.

In addition to this focused approach, Helen offers on-going mentoring and support. This enables you to access advice and guidance as and when challenges arise. It also ensures that you remain accountable for executing an action plan, thereby making sure that continuous progress is being made.

To arrange an initial consultation, during which Helen will seek to understand what you currently offer to your clients, your business model, your future business goals and aspirations and what help you may be looking for simply call Helen on 07561 107888 or contact her via e-mail :

Private Parties

No matter what the occasion; a Birthday, an Anniversary or simply a celebration of life, Helen takes care of all of the details leaving you free to enjoy every moment.

The Masterclass

If you are considering a career in Wedding Planning or are in the early stages of creating a business, The Masterclass with Helen Davies is perfect for you.

The Masterclass with Helen Davies will equip you with the knowledge and the confidence to understand what it means to be a Wedding Planner and determine whether a career in Wedding Planning is the right choice for you – without investing in months of training at considerable expense.

Besides sharing invaluable insights into the intricate nuances of weddings based on many years of experience, the Masterclass with Helen Davies guides you through the process of setting up, successfully promoting and managing your own business.

This half day, one to one learning experience enables you to spend time and develop a relationship with an experienced and highly reputable Wedding Planner. As opposed to a group workshop where the content is generic, the Masterclass can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Furthermore, a small number of Masterclass participants will be invited to participate in an ongoing mentoring programme which will feature work experience with Helen Davies. Besides regular, direct contact with Helen you will also have access to a range of materials and learning resources designed to support you as you build and develop your own successful business.

The Masterclass with Helen Davies costs £295.

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