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  • WHO SHOULD YOU INVITE TO YOUR WEDDING?   It’s a pretty important question. And a party isn’t a party without guests, so it’s one you’ll need to tackle head on. The earlier you address it, the better off you’ll be. In more ways than one. The number of people you
  • CAN YOU AFFORD TO PLAN A WEDDING? As part of the FAIL-SAFE guide to planning your perfect day, in this article I share some insights and advice to help you count the cost of wedding planning. There are lots of resources available to help you keep track of your expenditure
  • Do you have time to plan a wedding? According to various reports and well publicised statistics, the average couple spends somewhere between 12 and 18 months planning their wedding. The actual amount of time invested – within that time frame – obviously varies greatly depending on how many individual suppliers
  • Newly engaged? CONGRATULATIONS! What’s about to happen as you embark upon the preparations for what should feel like the most AMAZING day of your lives is going to fill you with a sense of excitement and anticipation.  Before you know it, you’ll be inspired by the most interesting creative ideas
  • Kind Words from Chris and Kay Kirkwood This is Chris. He’s a very busy man. He does logistics. Amongst many other things. Planning a Marquee Wedding at Home Chris understands how to manage a project with multiple resources and is certainly not phased by a challenge. Having already planned and
  • Wedding Cakes – The History Of Wedding Cakes The requirement for wedding cakes is borne out of many traditions.  One of the first began in Ancient Rome where small wheat cakes were broken over a Bride’s head.  It was thought this ritual would bring good fortune to the couple and
  • The Ultimate Wedding Marquee Planning Guide If you are thinking of hosting your wedding reception at home, a wedding marquee is the obvious solution.  Having said that, whether or not you have sufficient space at home to create a unique celebration under canvas no longer needs to be the primary
  • Sarah and Vern
    UK Destination Wedding – Why choose to get married in the UK? With its quaint villages, picturesque countryside, stunning coastlines, eclectic architecture, beautiful gardens, castles, palaces and iconic landmarks and stately homes, it is hardly surprising that the United Kingdom attracts couples from all over the world who wish to
  • Live Wedding Music – Why there is no substitute for live wedding music Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life and live wedding music can help for all the right reasons. As a wedding planner renowned for creating unforgettable experiences, I am often asked how
  • Dominika Miechowska - Heartfelt Appreciation
    A Full Service Wedding Planner – What do they do? It really is in the name. A full service wedding planner will oversee the planning of your entire wedding, from start to finish, taking into consideration your initial ideas and working closely with you until the big day itself. With a full