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  • Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions in your life.  Of all the celebrations you will ever attend, it should be the most memorable.  Arguably, it’s the party of a lifetime! Your wedding reception is one part of your wedding day you have absolute control over. It
  • I have spoken to lots of couples recently who, having been forced to alter their wedding plans, have told me they feel guilty about expressing their true feelings about it, knowing there are people all over the world with much bigger problems; exhausted key workers risking their own lives for
  • You should spend the last few weeks before your wedding feeling relaxed and excited. But you will probably experience a certain amount of stress. And as your perfectly planned wedding day draws closer, this is the last thing you need.    When you set out on your wedding planning journey,
  • WHY HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER? It really is in the name. A full service wedding planner will oversee and guide you in the planning of your entire wedding.  From start to finish, they will take into consideration all of your ideas and work closely with you until the big day
  • WEDDING POSTPONEMENT WITHOUT PAIN Due to the recent UK Government restrictions preventing gatherings in the UK, many couples have recently been forced to change their wedding plans.  The majority of weddings booked for April and May 2020 have now been transferred to later this year or the Spring of 2021.
  • CHANGE THE DATE! In this article, with the kind permission of Emma and Sean, I am sharing their story. I hope their account of rescheduling their wedding due to the ever-escalating COVID-19 pandemic will reassure and advise couples who currently face a similar situation that it is better to be
  • THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE WORLD IS UNPRECEDENTED There are no sets of guidelines or handbooks available explaining what couples who are preparing for their weddings should do. It is incredibly confusing. Following the most recent guidance issued by the UK Government, many couples have approached me with a
  • WHO SHOULD YOU INVITE TO YOUR WEDDING?   It’s a pretty important question. And a party isn’t a party without guests, so it’s one you’ll need to tackle head on. The earlier you address it, the better off you’ll be. In more ways than one. The number of people you
  • CAN YOU AFFORD TO PLAN A WEDDING? As part of the FAIL-SAFE guide to planning your perfect day, in this article I share some insights and advice to help you count the cost of wedding planning. There are lots of resources available to help you keep track of your expenditure
  • Do you have time to plan a wedding? According to various reports and well publicised statistics, the average couple spends somewhere between 12 and 18 months planning their wedding. The actual amount of time invested – within that time frame – obviously varies greatly depending on how many individual suppliers