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There is no doubt about it. Hiring a Wedding Planner has become much more popular nowadays. Perhaps because the benefits are better understood.

What was once regarded as an extravagance resulting in considerable additional expense is now accepted as something that is far more accessible for every couple and is an invaluable service that can be integral to any wedding. As well as providing peace of mind that everything is under control, Helen can save you oodles of money and oh-so-valuable time.

Besides eliminating stress and reducing unnecessary expenditure, she will happily do all the leg work for you.

No matter what your wedding planning worries, just one hour with Helen Davies could be all the help you need!

This is the perfect opportunity to discuss your plans with an experienced, knowledgeable and extremely friendly wedding expert.

You will be offered heaps of helpful advice enabling you to relax and simply look forward to the best day of your lives.


How can you afford NOT to invest in an hour with Helen Davies?

Planning a wedding should be fun, but unless like Helen, you have already planned hundreds of weddings and are able to anticipate hurdles long before they happen, planning your own wedding can be overwhelming.

Perhaps you have lots of ideas but are struggling to get your wedding plans started because you are busy and do not have time to give it much thought?

Perhaps you need some advice about etiquette or a styling dilemma is keeping you awake at night?

Are you concerned about the timings of the day or the extent to which your guests are going to enjoy themselves?

You might be worried about finding the perfect venue, Photographer, Florist, Caterer or entertainment.

These can all prove to be costly mistakes if you get any of them wrong.


Helen’s promise to you…

Just one focused hour of exploration with me will eradicate tens of hours of chasing, wondering and planning.

In one meeting with me your vision will be thoroughly explored in order to identify priorities and give structure to your planning process, whilst also giving you the opportunity to ask questions, highlight sticking points or resolve any dilemmas that are really worrying you.

Besides a heap of priceless planning advice and oh-so valuable know-how, you will be introduced to the ‘Budget Allocator’.  This helpful tool enables you to accurately apportion your budget to all of your absolute must-haves, thereby clearly identifying your priorities and tracking your spend.

You will also receive an extremely comprehensive, step by step guide to planning your perfect day which is filled with hints and tips, helping you to avoid some of the pitfalls you might otherwise encounter.



“An hour with Helen….. make sure you have more than an hour to spare because she is so lovely to talk to and so full of ideas that you can guarantee you will be nattering for much longer!  

I went to the meeting believing I had my wedding pretty much covered.

I thought I could probably do this on my own, but talking through the day with an expert who really listened made me realise there was so much more that I hadn’t really thought about.

This is where Helen came into her own.

She managed to fill in all the gaps and recommended some wonderful suppliers too.  

I definitely feel that having Helen’s help right up to the big day will be a massive benefit to me.

I am now much more relaxed about my wedding and feel rather excited to turn up on the day knowing everything will be sorted for me.”

– Ceylan, East Yorkshire



An hour with Helen Davies costs just £250 

“On top of the experience and the know-how, and the ever-helpful black book of contacts who will never let you down, what Helen Davies does is guarantee you an entirely stress-free experience.  Instead of getting in the way of your personal vision, as you may originally fear, a Wedding Planner should help you realise it, and working out what your vision is is the first step to doing this.

Moodboards, Pinterest collaborations and buzzwords can all prove to be invaluable to this process but you really need a Wedding Planner who gets you both to really embody the vision – and this can only happen when your Wedding Planner and you get on as people.

Her philosophy is ‘if you want it, I will do my best to make sure it happens’ and she certainly delivers.  With Helen Davies NOTHING is out of the question.”

– Ellie Kime, And So To Wed


If you are a newly engaged couple who are embarking on your wedding planning journey and require some advice, support and recommendations to help you find the perfect wedding venue and suppliers, an hour with Helen Davies could be all the help you need… and the best investment you could make!




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