Inspiration Hour

Wedding Planning Inspiration Hour

The Fundamentals of Wedding Planning

If you are newly engaged, congratulations! What you are about to experience as you set out to plan one of the most important days of your lives should fill you with a sense of joy. You envisage yourselves having the most wonderful wedding day, surrounded by your closest family members and friends.  The excitement is infectious!

You imagine that planning your own wedding will be fun. You might know exactly what sort of wedding you want to have. Even if you don’t, chances are you have at least given it some thought. You may have already begun researching venues, marquees, bridal hair and make-up ideas, flowers, wedding cakes, entertainment and photographers, to name just a few of the necessities.

Then it hits you. And sooner or later, you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices you have to make.

Where to start? Who to trust?

Planning a wedding can be an extremely costly exercise and it is vital that you invest both your time and money wisely.

An Inspiration Hour with me could be the best investment you make.

Whatever stage of the wedding planning process you are at, I am here to help you create the perfect day you want – minus the stress.

Wedding Planning Inspiration

Picture this… on the day, everything is exactly as you have planned it. The entire day goes according to plan. Afterwards, all your guests tell you it was the best wedding ever!

During an Inspiration Hour with me, I will ensure you fully understand all the things you need to consider, helping you to avoid some of the pitfalls you may otherwise encounter.

Wedding Planning Inspiration

An Inspiration Hour will save you time, money and stress.

Wedding Planning Inspiration

Your Vision, Wishes and Desires

During a focussed consultation, I will walk you through your vision for your perfect day. Whatever that looks or feels like to you.

You will receive a comprehensive wedding planning checklist; a step by step guide to planning your own perfect day – minus the stress!

Budget Allocation and Management

No matter what the size of your budget, the way in which you allocate the total amount of money you have available is a very important part of the process. Correct identification of your priorities from the very beginning is key to this and will prevent you from over spending in the long run.

Based on my knowledge of what things truly cost and an understanding of what represents exceptional value for money, I will guide you to ensure you are able to optimise your budget and minimise the risk of making costly mistakes which you may otherwise later regret.

My Fiance and I had an hour with Helen this morning and it completely exceeded our expectations! Helen made us feel at ease discussing all things ‘wedding’ and we felt very comfortable asking her questions about all the things we were not sure about.

Helen’s passion is undeniable and her knowledge and experience is outstanding. She really does want every couple to have the most amazing day of their lives. We gained so much information in such a short space of time and all our wedding worries have disappeared.

Thank you so much, Helen. You are Wonderful!